Our Board is made up of hard-working individuals working together for a common goal. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.



Joe Mathis (918) 724-7055 joe@rumbledrum.com
President Elect Dawn Sponsler (918)378-6043  jenkstrojanpridepresident@gmail.com
Past President Mike Thomas (918) 853-6674 kenny5494@yahoo.com 
Treasurer Jennifer Dillard (918) 926-0374 jennifer.dillard1012@gmail.com
VP of General Fundraising Pam Oliver (918) 853-6674 jenksbandfundraising@gmail.com 
VP of Student Fundraising Melissa Massey (918) 853-6674 jenksstudentfundraising@gmail.com  
VP of Guard Activities Shaila Marshall (918) 853-6674 Shala.Marshall@jenksps.org 
Trip Fund Manager Kristin Taylor (918) 232-5448 kristen@beatou.com 
Publicity Director  Jennifer Dillard (918) 926-0374 jennifer.dillard1012@gmail.com or jenksbpcommunications@gmail.com
Secretary Paige Harris (918) 607-1167 epaigeharris@outlook.com



Uniforms & Concert Attire

Sonila Naifeh / Lindsey Jackson (918) 671-0240 sonila@swncpa.com 

 Spirit Wear

Monica Whiteley (918) 408-3305 monicaw90@gmail.com 



Mailing Address:

Jenks Band Parents
P.O. Box 425
Jenks, OK 74037-0425


Chaperones = Cynthia and Robbie Yanik debrajohnsen@att.net 


Food Crew = Jennifer Betancourt jennbet6@gmail.com  


Concessions = Brook Gibson brookgibson@ymail.com 


Fireworks = Brook Gibson brookgibson@ymail.com 


Senior Week






Upcoming Events


Social Media



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